How to solve printing needs of home use with high quality?

2023-07-25 22:00

How to solve printing needs of home use with high quality? 

In the field of home printing,

there are many types of home printers.

Some printers have mature technology,

but they are larger and have a high maintenance threshold,

such as traditional inkjet and laser printers;

Some printers are small and portable,

but the printing experience is not satisfactory,

such as thermal printers.


So is there a comprehensive solution that

can achieve portability and ensure the printing experience?

In this regard, HPRT gave the answer of printer using "solid cartridge". 

WiFi printer

On product development,

a common perception is that what advanced technology and algorithms are used,

but these are not what users really pay attention to.

What users really care about is the intuitive feeling presented on the product using.

Therefore, the competition between products is often not only technology,

but also user experience.


Take home printing as an example,

unlike traditional office printing,

home users generally lack experience in using digital technology products,

so they have higher requirements for the portability and convenience of using printers.

Therefore, home printers can not simply compete with technology,

but also take the ease of use and stability of products into important considerations.

HPRT has a keen insight into the subtle differences in the needs of home users,

plays a "portable" and "easy to use" product strategy,

and is committed to developing printers that can be used without threshold like home appliances, 

providing another idea for home printing solutions. 

home printer

Good innovative solutions are inseparable from excellent technology.

Based on 20 years of R&D and production experience,

HPRT has launched a "solid cartridge" printer based on the principle of thermal transfer technology,

truly implementing the good idea into the product.


The solid cartridge used in HPRT GT1 Home AI printer enabled several product changes:


By abandoning the use of large components such as traditional cartridge and ink,

the home use printer GT1 is only the size of a book and can be easily placed on a desktop; 

Ease of use.

GT1 uses an integrated solid cartridge, which only needs simple operation to replace it,

and there will be less maintenance troubles of plugging and leakage;


The underlying printing principle of solid cartridges is thermal transfer technology,

which can support more print media such as ordinary paper.

This also ensures that the printed content will never fade,

and the printed paper is easy to write. 

AI printer

In addition,

the connection method of this home WiFi printer is also very simple and efficient.

Only need to connect with the 2.4 Ghz WiFi at home for the first time,

and wireless printing can be achieved through HPRT's self-developed APP “HerePrint”.

Or install a printer driver on your computer,

you can easily print at home or in the office through your computer. 

WiFi printer

What’s more,

with the cloud printing function, you can experience printing without distance.

Even if this home printer is not with you,

or even thousands of miles away,

you can send the data you need to print to the printer through our APP,

as long as the printer is connected to the network at this time,

it can obtain the printing data from the cloud and print immediately. 

home printer

The launch of the HPRT GT1 home printer provides another important force

for HPRT to drive the transformation of the home printer market.

"The industry competition is indeed fierce,

but we will use our technology precipitation and product experience

 to gain insight into details that others cannot see,

so as to achieve things that others cannot do."

HPRT hopes to bring consumers

more simpler, more efficient and more practical home printing solutions.

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