Do you know what are the "new four things" in the printing industry?

2023-08-17 22:00

Do you know what are the "new four things" in the printing industry?

In China,

in the early days of reform and opening up,

the once popular "old four things" swept the streets.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the advent of the new consumption era, 

consumer electronic products have also shown the characteristics of

intelligence, networking, personalization and diversification,

meeting consumers' needs and pursuit of quality life.

At the same time,

consumer electronics have also become an important carrier and tool in

education, entertainment, social networking and other fields. 


For example,

smartphones can not only call, surf the Internet, take photos,

but also have online learning, payment, shopping and other functions;

smart TVs can not only watch programs,

but also connect to the Internet, game consoles, audio and other devices to achieve multimedia interaction;

smart printers can not only print documents,

but also voice broadcast news, weather, play music, voice print files, etc.

So in the new consumption era,

what are the "new four things" in the printing industry?

Color photo printer

HPRT has been committed to providing users with efficient, convenient and intelligent printing solutions

to meet the printing needs of different scenarios.

In order to better serve C-end users,

HPRT has established Consumer Electronics Division,

with household customers and small and micro business merchants as the main consumer groups, 

launched a series of printing products including

photo printers, document printers, storage label printers, shipping label printers, 3D printers, etc.

HPRT Consumer Electronics Division also focuses on

providing intelligent and convenient printing services.

For example:


Color photo printer:

The photos saved in the mobile phone can be edited and DIY 

through HPRT's self-developed "HeyPhoto" APP,

and the photos can be easily and quickly printed through 

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to the printer,

recording the bits and happiness of life.

Document printer

Document printer:

It can also print documents and pictures through HPRT's self-developed "HerePrint" APP,

support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection,

support printing documents and pictures in various formats,

suitable for printing contracts, recipes, coloring patterns, Sudoku and so on.

Storage label printer

Storage label printer:

Through a mini label printer,

help you achieve a clear classification of daily necessities,

so that everything in the home has traces to follow.

Whether it is storage boxes, wardrobes, bookshelves, or sundries boxes and documents, 

or even firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, 

this small labeling machine can help you better complete the storage and organization.

Color photo printer

Shipping label printer:

As a leading brand in China's printing industry,

HPRT has carried out in-depth strategic cooperation with major logistics industries

when the e-commerce industry is developing rapidly.

It’s worth mentioning that HPRT shipping label printer sales ranked first in the world,

for every 10 packages, 4 packages’ shipping label are printed by HPRT printers.

Document printer

Home 3D printer:

As a high-precision printer,

HPRT's self-developed Desktop 3D Printer F210 adopts a modular design,

allowing users to experience the fun of "Lego" in the DIY assembly process in 3D printing, 

satisfying your every wonderful creativity.

Storage label printer

The purpose of HPRT's Consumer Electronics Division is to better serve consumers,

especially individual users and small and micro enterprises.

Only by walking into the user can we understand the user's needs.

The HPRT printer is not only a single functional product,

but also a product that can bring users a pleasant and convenient life.

HPRT hope to create more value for our users, including: 

saving time and consumables costs;

improving print efficiency and quality;

enriching APP content and functions;

increasing printing fun and user-friendliness.

Color photo printer

The establishment of the HPRT Consumer Electronics Division

is an accurate response to user needs.

It’s hoped that by providing intelligent, convenient and accurate printing services,

HPRT will create more value for users

and make users experience the wonderful life brought by printers. 

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