HPRT Original IP Crocodile Gap Paper for Label Maker

2023-01-11 22:00

HPRT Original IP Crocodile Gap Paper for Label Maker

With the launch of the HPRT half-inch portable label maker,

the original IP crocodile of this series of products has also been released.

The cute little crocodile is very good at organizing his belongings,

and we hope that his skills will help you~

We produced a series of HPRT specific label paper with this crocodile pattern,

which make the labels more fun and colorful. 

portable label maker

As a gap label paper, it is used with HPRT's label maker, 

can achieve accurately identify, automatically position, and print content properly. label paper

Uniform label size, no need to crop again,

easy to print a cute sticker^-^

gap label

The cutting serration help you cut the Gap paper / Continuous paper neatly. 

portable label maker

Compared with the traditional printers with keyboards and screens,

our label maker only needs a mobile phone App-HerePrint

that you can DIY various labels with Bluetooth connection.

label paper

A variety of colors and patterns of labels for you to choose from,

make your printing more exquisite! 

gap label

portable label maker

label paper

gap label

The crocodile labels can give you warm reminders every day

and make your life more lovely and homey. 

Come and get these printers at: 

Amazon Official Store US: https://www.amazon.com/hprt

Amazon Official Store JP: https://www.amazon.co.jp/hprt

Alibaba Official Store: https://hprt.en.alibaba.com

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