HPRT Desktop 3D Printer F210 -- Ignite Life with Creativity

2023-02-23 22:00

HPRT Desktop 3D Printer F210 -- Ignite Life with Creativity

3D printing technology

3D printing technology should be familiar to everyone.

It allows three-dimensional images to appear in our view realistically and spatially. 

At present, there are many companies that use 3D technology to research and investigate,

and many factories that use 3D technology to make parts.

The application of 3D printing technology is also more and more extensive,

such as:

factories use it to make small screws and nuts,

hospitals use it to print specific medical supplies,

people uses it to make children's toys, etc.

From printing industrial parts to printing our daily needs,

3D printing is gradually beginning to become popular in the market

desktop 3D printer

So, what is 3D printing technology?

3D printing technology,

also known as additive manufacturing technology,

is a technology based on digital model files,

using adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic,

and printing objects layer by layer.

3D printing is usually achieved using digital technology material printers.

Its often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to make models.

This technology also is used in industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, medical industry and other fields. 

3D printing technology is mainly divided into two types:

desktop and industrial.

Desktop 3D printers can intuitively explain the process principle of 3D printing technology. 

Desktop 3D printers are cheaper, smaller and easier to operate than industrial grades,

so their applications are mainly concentrated in homes, offices and similar places.

3D printer

As a high-precision printer,

HPRT self-developed 3D printer F210 adopts a modular design

to allow users to experience the "Lego" fun of the 3D printing industry

in the DIY assembly process. 

3D printing technology

In terms of design,

it has a classic and atmospheric appearance,

an all-metal unibody style.

The high-standard V-profile pulley

makes the movement smooth, low noise and wear-resistant,

and prolongs the service life;

The heating plate adopts an excellent lattice glass platform with strong viscosity,

so that there will be no warping when printing,

and it can realize manual rapid molding;

Equipped with a new integrated XY axis adjuster,

the belt tightness can be quickly adjusted.

desktop 3D printer

In terms of hardware,

It’s equipped with a new self-developed silent driver motherboard,

which has strong anti-interference ability,

faster and more stable running performance,

and has a noise reduction function,

which can run at low decibels during the printing process;

HPRT F210 3D printer has an intelligent protection system,

which supports power failure and continuous fighting,

so there is no need to worry about unexpected power failure during the printing process,

 saving time and materials;

With the function of material break detection,

when the disconnection of consumables is detected,

the printing can be paused in time,

and can continue printing when the consumables be connected again,

avoiding the situation of empty printing when lack of consumables. 

3D printer

In terms of software,

it comes with a UI display,

humanized interaction design,

simple operation settings,

real-time observation of printing progress,

so that novices can quickly get started. 

3D printing technology

Regarding the application scenarios of 3D printers,

the most representative ones are actually the following three categories: 

1. The 3D printer can quickly and directly convert the three-dimensional design of the building model on the computer into a physical model. 

2. According to the actual needs of users, different consumables can be used to print samples of the required products, which not only saves the high proofing cost, but also accurately prints the required samples.

3. Many figure collectors use 3D printers to quickly print their favorite figurines, saving time on traditional kneading stone powder and clay

desktop 3D printer

This desktop 3D printer is undoubtedly a good thing

for creative and inspired designers to show the ideas in their heads in time,

and it only takes a few hours to turn ideas into real works.

During the printing process,

through the printer's layer by layer printing overlay,

creators can also witness the creativity from "nothing" to "everything"! 


The 3D printing industry is a very promising industry,

especially in the creation of personalized crafts,

which can easily meet the needs of creators with low cost and fast production speed,

and can provide creators with more ideas and help;

3D printing can let children intuitively feel the production process of things

and stimulate children's creativity,

which will be the main technical force leading the times and social change. 

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