Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2023-12-22 22:00

Dear HPRT customers, 

The Christmas season has arrived, and the New Year's bell is about to ring. It’s with great respect and gratitude that we would like to write a few words to share with you what has happened in the year 2023 that HPRT has been with you, and we would like to share with you a vision for 2024. 

2023 has been an exciting year for HPRT. With the lifting of the Covid coronavirus lockdown, the impact of the pandemic is slowly starting to wane. As the host, we invited our customers, suppliers and partners from China and even around the world to Xiamen, where HPRT's head office is located, to tell them about the changes and innovations made by HPRT during the years of epidemic lockdown, and also expressed the beautiful vision of continuing to cooperate with them for win-win results. At the same time, as an exhibitor, we have also participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad, and the products of HPRT have frequently appeared in the public eye, bringing the vitality of the HPRT brand to the printer industry. 

In 2023, HPRT has made further explorations in overseas markets. A new range of products is available on our Amazon official store: Desktop Smart Document Printer GT1, Portable Thermal Document Printer MT866, Portable Color Photo Printer CP2100, Portable 2 Inch Label Printer T20. In terms of A4 document printers, from the original Portable Thermal Transfer Printer MT800, to the later Portable Thermal Printer MT810, and then to the MT866 launched after improvement according to market demands and customer preferences, we have been committed to studying user feedback and user experience of the product, and constantly optimizing and upgrading the product, updating and iterating. We have also been committed to optimizing our customer service capabilities, and strive to patiently and efficiently help every HPRT customer solve problems encountered in the use of our products. 

HPRT is a young brand. We always hope to enter the market with a humble and learning mentality and take root in the market; we are always willing to sincerely and patiently listen to every user's ideas and suggestions for our products; and we are always eager to provide convenient and efficient printing solutions for the market with innovative and practical products. Because we are young, we know that "The way was long, and wrapped in gloom did seem, as I urged on to seek my vanished dream". 

With 2024 just around the corner, HPRT is hopeful for the new year. We sincerely look forward to receiving more of your thoughts and suggestions for our products and services, and creating more products that satisfy you.

HPRT is eager to grow and to be with you for every ordinary and special day.

Merry Christmas

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